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CNC Machining



We have the capibility to support 3 and 4 axis machining up to 150" lenghs. Of course many parts are not nearly this large, for those parts we have a horizontal 4 axis cell system for parts under 22" cube.


Full Digital Definition Support

We design and program with Siemens NX and Catia V5. We continue with CMM inspection using digital definitions and fully electric reporting.  We can run our manufacturing process paper free.

landing gear bulkhead (2)

R&D to Volume Production

From single unit R&D parts to full production, we support our customers for the full product life cycle.

Sheet Metal Forming

20210320_101452 (3)

Sheet Metal Assemblies

Sheet metal assemblies for airframes. Multipiece formed sheet metal and CNC machined assemblies with associated hardware installs.

Patch Fittings for door glass or tempered glass


HydroForm airframe components up to 29" x 96".  Longer parts can be formed with width limit of 29".

Letter made from metall constructor

Sheet Metal Assemblies

We use advance CAD solutions to fully model all formed sheet metal parts and assemblies before they are made.  This allows us to identify problems in preproduction and improve quality and on time delivery. It also allows us to produce formed parts with complex surface geometries.