Key Formed Products:

-Ribs, Spars, Stringers and Webs

-Brackets, Gussets, Angles and Plates

-Clips and Braces

-Beams and Other Structural Elements


Sheet Metal Forming Capabilities:

-Break Forming up to 144″ Lengths

-Hydro Forming up to 96″ Lengths

-Draw Forming up to 32″

-Coin Pressing up to 36″

-Roll Forming up to 36″ Width

-Hand Forming



Steel (Mild, Carbon, Stainless)



Mach-500-4040 (1)

Flow Jet 5-axis Water Jet with 90,000 psi intensifier and 5′ by 12′ table

750 Ton 36″ by 96″ Delta Press
135 Ton 12′ Break Press
30 Ton Strippit Punch Press
Accushear 12″ Hydraulic Shear